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JEM Wellness & Counseling, PLLC was founded by Melanie E. Flint, LCSW, CGP in Houston, Texas.  She has provided holistic, highly skilled and comprehensive support for the entire family system for over a decade. In a response to the growing request for her services, Melanie expanded her private practice, bringing aboard other highly trained and like-minded psychotherapists, to meet the needs of more individuals and families in the Houston area.  JEM Wellness & Counseling clinicians are hand picked based on their training, expertise, intuition, compassion, ethics and empathy.  These are invaluable and imperative qualities in our clinicians.

At JEM Wellness & Counseling, we actively educate, guide and support the whole family from the youngest members to the oldest as individuals, couples and entire family systems using evidence based treatment modalities. We care deeply about our clients’ wellness and working as a team toward their goals, whether it is an individual journey or includes their loved ones as well.  We believe a healthy, well-adjusted adult begins in childhood and a connected family relies on all members.  We work with children/adolescents/teens and their parents toward that end.  Supporting parents is a special interest of ours, as the parenting journey can often be a challenge in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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Read what clients are saying about Melanie E. Flint, LCSW, CGP
JEM Wellness & Counseling

“I’ve visited several therapists over the years, but Melanie was the first therapist I’d ever worked with where actual progress and understanding occurred. We actually figure things out together! Melanie has a way about her that puts you immediately at ease. I’ve never been so willing to be open and honest ... she is nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, and caring, while keeping me accountable. I’m truly grateful to have such a positive guiding force in my life.” (Career & Family)

“Working with Melanie has had a tremendous impact on my life. With her guidance and thoughtful recommendations I've learned how to best manage the stresses and anxieties that arise in everyday life and cope with past traumas. I now have the ability to recognize my unhealthy behavior, understand why I am reacting a certain way, and take measures to correct unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking. Most importantly, with Melanie's coaching I have developed a strong relationship with myself based on self-love, acceptance, and validation. I now understand the importance of having a self-care regimen, and by applying that to my life have improved not only my relationship with myself but my relationships with others. Melanie provides me with a space where I feel safe, comfortable, and where I can truly be myself. Her empathetic, compassionate, and non-judgmental demeanor is not only comforting as a patient, but it's an inspiration!”
(Anxiety, Relationships & Career)

“Since my daughter has been talking with Melanie, her world has changed. Melanie has helped her navigate through some very difficult issues from the past and also has been instrumental in guiding her through new challenges she faces daily. My daughter is a happier and healthier person since beginning her therapy with Melanie. Her confidence and self-esteem has improved tremendously. I don’t think she would be functioning nearly as well as she is today if she had not started seeing Melanie. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for my daughter.” (Parent of Client)

Melanie has been a “touchstone” in my life for a few years now. I first started seeing her at a time when I was in complete breakdown, physically and mentally. She worked with me through that time of crisis and offered the support I needed to get through each day. She provided comfort and perspective. Once I was out of “crisis mode,” we were able to work together on dealing with anxiety and depression day-to-day and some of the larger aspects of my life that needed transformation. She provided insight and wisdom. Once I had filled my “toolkit” and was able to trust myself no matter what life threw at me, we decided to conclude regular appointments. Now I see Melanie from time to time when I need a “touchstone,” a reminder that I have the skills and knowledge to survive and thrive, like when I was grieving the death of a dear one.

Melanie props me up and provides comfort and perspective and insight and wisdom and she empowers me to face the future. (Anxiety, Relationship & Parenting)




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