This 7-week process & Psycho-educational group is for adult women who are healing from trauma in some form at any time in their lives.

The group allows a safe place for women to be authentic with their individual phases of healing and the challenges they face, a place for them to offer and receive support, and education, and develop skills to utilize in their daily lives.

The group members will ultimately choose together, which topics feel relevant and needed for their healing.

The Group focuses on the following topics in addition to the benefits of the group experience:


  • Neurobiology of trauma
  • Symptoms of trauma
  • Shame and trauma
  • Developing shame resilience
  • Somatic manifestations of trauma
  • Building coping skills
  • Creating support systems
  • Stuckpoints in healing
  • ……and anything/everything the group finds valuable/needed


October 3 – November 13 | Tuesdays @ 12:30pm – 2:00pm


3131 Eastside St, Suite 415  Houston, Tx.  77098

*Short Assessment is required for group attendance

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