* Teen Boys ages 13-15

*Teen Girls ages 13-15

This group series offers teens a much-needed space to connect with their peers, share their experiences and build their toolbox for managing life, family and relationships.  

These groups are for teens showing signs of impulsivity, critical/negative self-view, depression, anxiety, moodiness or emotional outbursts, socio-political stress, engaging in unhealthy relationships, feeling isolated and showing difficulty connecting with or making friends.  They will learn and practice skills around mindfulness, self-compassion, healthy communication and relationships with peers, grounding techniques to managing anxiety, emotion regulation, managing stress and ultimately building a toolbox of skills to support them in taking care of themselves and connecting with others around them going forward.

Assessment is required prior to registration into group.  Cost of assessment is $100

*Parent Resource & Support GroupThis resource & support group offers parents of teens a place to connect with other parents while receiving support, guidance and resources to support themselves, their teenager and the entire family system.

When:  Teen groups (separate groups for boys & girls): 

Weekly sessions via Zoom 

Every Monday from 5-6:30pm for 8 weeks

Parent groups: Weekly on Tuesdays – 1:00pm – 2:00pm (1 hour)

Fee:  $75/group 

This group series runs throughout the year, depending on enrollment.

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