It’s 2022, and it seems like life is moving faster than ever. More obligations and ways to stay connected all add up to more stress. With our phones right there in our pockets, it can seem impossible to unplug from the workplace group chat or ignore the latest breaking news notification popping up on our screens. But there’s hope – JEM Wellness and Counseling has been helping clients with stress management since 2018. Check out these five tips for stress relief that we know get results – we’ve seen it firsthand.

Practice Saying No

Can you finish this last-minute project by the end of the day? Could you please give me a ride home from the auto repair shop? Are you free for dinner Saturday night? We all want to say yes and make our bosses, neighbors, and friends happy, but before we know it, all those little commitments turn into schedule overload. It’s important to make time for ourselves, whether it’s a relaxing day at home or a counseling session with a trusted confidante.

Saying no can feel a little disappointing in the short term, but over time, it will keep you reliable, productive, and optimistic. Make sure it’s in your vocabulary!

Adopt a Fury Friend

On the surface, welcoming a dog, cat or other four-legged friend into your home might seem like just another way to fill up your to-do list. However, studies have shown significant mental-health benefits to pet ownership for people in all different stages and stations of life. Owning a pet increases one’s sense of social connection, calms anxiety, and promotes regular exercise, which is another great way to relieve stress.

If you aren’t ready to commit to pet ownership, consider JEM’s equine therapy options, which combine the calming effect of horses with the expertise of a trained counselor.

Set Some Boundaries

If you’re not careful, an eight-hour workday can turn into an all-nighter in the blink of an eye. The best way to push back against such a stressful schedule is to set firm stopping points for taking breaks and spending quality time at home. Schedule a lunch hour with a friend who will hold you accountable and get you away from your desk. Leave your place of employment or finish your homework at the same time each night – no exceptions. These limits will settle you into a predictable, calming routine that can transform your mental health.

Pursue New Hobbies

Sometimes stress can nag at us through our regrets. Maybe you’ve always wanted to play the piano, but other commitments got in the way. Or maybe you have your eye on some fun groups and clubs in your neighborhood, but you’re a little bit scared to meet new people. Taking the chance on those opportunities can not only give you a fun new outlet for stress relief, but it can also eliminate FOMO – fear of missing out. It may take some trial and error to find the hobbies that resonate with you, but once you do, it can work wonders for your stress levels.

Talk to a Therapist

Sometimes, our stress levels get so high that we need to call in the pros. The trained counselors at JEM Wellness have seen their fair share of hesitancy among new clients, but they know how to fight against stress and promote mental health in ways that go beyond what you should expect from friends, family, or yourself. In a high-stress world, more and more people have turned to counseling and therapy for support, and the results speak for themselves.

If you feel that JEM Wellness may have the right stress-relief expertise for you, our counselors are ready to help you take the next step for your mental health. Schedule a consultation today.

How to Start

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