This experience is offered monthly, to provide a consistent time/space to give back to those who give so much every day.

You will leave more aware of the benefits equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning can offer others, and feel the direct impact of this somatic, experiential modality at work for yourself.

“Something magical happens each time I’m out here!”  -workshop attendee

“Being in nature with the herd is the best way to end my week.”  -workshop attendee

“I felt so taken care of today.”  -workshop attendee

Click here to get more information or register for one of our wokshops  in Houston, Tx, or call us at (832) 568-4681.


We will respond to you within 24 hours to have a free 10-15 minute phone consultation. This will help us determine if we are the best fit to support you toward your goals. If we are, we will schedule your initial assessment and begin your wellness passage.