Our treatment approach encompasses a comprehensive, psychological, and holistic view of our clients.

We treat the whole individual, connecting you with any other necessary support and collaborating with them while creating a therapeutic buoy beneath you so you feel safe and supported while engaging in the powerful work toward your mental, emotional, physical or relational goals. As a team of skilled licensed psychotherapists, our expert care guides you through the latest in evidence-based counseling modalities for general emotional, behavioral and transitional challenges, specific concerns, as well as psychological diagnoses.

As a talented and compassionate team of licensed clinicians, we educate, guide, and support you on your passage toward clarity, balance and more joy. This offering goes out to clients of all ages, couples, families, groups and leadership teams. Our goal is to empower you toward living your fullest, healthiest, most authentic life as a result of our partnership with you. From three locations in the Greater Houston, Texas area, we are excited to witness your growth journey with JEM Wellness & Counseling as your guide.

Our individualized delivery method of care

can best be described

in four Cs:

An Overview of Counseling with JEM

It can be difficult to know just what to expect in counseling and psychotherapy services. The best way to get started is by scheduling a free 10-minute consultation to find out how we can partner on your path to clarity, balance, joy, and wellness.

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Therapy FAQ
Who We Are

We are a cohesive team of highly trained, skilled and compassionate clinicians who share a holistic, client-centered and solution focused approach to counseling individuals, families and groups.

Who We Serve

We treat individuals ages 5 and older, families and groups with diagnosed mental illness, emotional, mental and behavioral challenges, trauma, loss, transitional challenges, parenting, and specific emotional and behavioral concerns.

What We Do

We guide you through a comprehensive biological, psychological, social and family assessment based on your unique experiences which informs our individualized treatment recommendations for you. Based on those recommendations, we curate a treatment plan committed to supporting you in meeting your ultimate wellness goals.

How to Start

You may click on the “New Client Consultation” button, call, text or email us. We will respond to you within 24 hours to have a free 10-15 minute phone consultation. This will help us determine if we are the best fit to support you toward your goals. If we are, we will schedule your initial assessment and begin your wellness passage.

Our Story

Our Story

JEM was established in 2018 by Founder & Clinical Director Melanie Flint, LCSW-S, CGP, EAP. We are a community of like-minded, talented and collaborative clinicians from different backgrounds, training approaches and specialties with one shared mission: supporting and empowering you. JEM does this as a group psychotherapy practice specializing in office-based counseling and equine-assisted therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups from three locations in the Greater Houston, Texas area. More than a reputable, experienced counseling center, JEM is a recognized and sought-after provider for office-based, experiential and holistic client-centered wellness services built around a culture of support, compassion and collaboration.

Our Clinicians


Office-Based Psychotherapy

JEM Wellness & Counseling excels in counseling and psychotherapy services. We have three locations to support you in and around the Greater Houston, Texas area, whichever is most convenient for you. Our approach is grounded in the belief that everyone has the potential for health and balance in their lives and that a connected, healthy family relies on all members. We work with each client to create the best opportunities for the exploration, reflection, release and growth, whether you are engaged in individual, couples or family therapy or are a member of one of our ongoing support or psychotherapy groups.

Counseling Services

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Tired of talking? You’re in the right place. JEM Wellness & Counseling offers equine-assisted psychotherapy with an EAGALA-certified clinician at a private facility south of downtown Houston. EAP with JEM Wellness & Counseling supports recovery from addiction, healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, as well as understanding your emotions and how to be in relationships. This evidence-based approach is about healing, getting to know yourself better, and creating and maintaining healthy, connected relationships. Horses may be the perfect partner on your journey.

Equine Therapy

Our Locations

Central Houston

3131 Eastside St., Suite 415
Houston, TX, 77098

EAP at Brookside Ranch

5731 Brookside Rd.
Brookside Village, TX 77581

Virtual Visits

Via secure teleconference after initial assesment

Individual, Family & Group Counseling, and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Located in Houston, TX

Individual, Family & Group Counseling and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

We look forward to joining you, supporting you, and guiding you toward achieving your ultimate wellness goals. If you’re looking for Anxiety Therapy in Houston, schedule a consultation or contact us today.

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