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At JEM Wellness & Counseling, we join our clients in their wellness journey by supplying them with a tailored set of tools unique to their needs. We know life can lead them down many paths, and can become overwhelming and stressful.  Whether it is a difficult life transition, overwhelming anxiety, a traumatic event, a strained relationship or an overall feeling of unhappiness, we believe our clients are capable of the changes they hope for and we guide and support them in manifesting a life with less stress, more joy and a richer connection with themselves and others.

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The emotional safety and confidentiality of our clients are areas taken very seriously at JEM Wellness & Counseling.  From the moment they enter our offices, their wellness and goals are our priority, and we join them in accomplishing both.  We offer the support and guidance of highly trained, compassionate and ethical clinicians committed to creating a safe and supportive environment.  They work with our clients to create the best opportunities for the exploration, reflection, release and growth for our clients, whether they are engaged in individual, couples or family therapy or are a member of one of our ongoing support or psychotherapy groups.

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